Analysis & Reporting


Too often in survey research, poor design of presentation graphics detracts from the data itself. This can leave a poor impression of you, your company and the case being made.

While PowerPoint presentations may not be the prettiest or most sophisticated way to tell the story in your data, PowerPoint remains the most broadly used method for sharing that story with your team, your boss or your customer.

Lucidity specializes in taking your survey data and building a PowerPoint summary that makes you look good.  Bring Lucidity to your research analysis and reports.

Get expert help with:

  • Topline reports of survey research
  • Advertising effectiveness/ cross media optimization studies
  • Advertising creative tests
  • Brand awareness and utilization (A&U) studies
  • Brand perception research
  • Concept testing/ product improvement studies
  • Customer satisfaction/ customer experience research
  • Market sizing and brand tracking studies
  • Statistical analysis to uncover meaningful correlations and relationships between variables (e.g. factor analysis, cluster analysis, regression analysis)
  • Technology adoption research
  • Or any other type of dataset or survey that you need to turn into useful information


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